Farnam Foundation
About us
The seeds for the foundation were planted in 2003 when the founders came to Richfield. 
They had purchased the Ellis and Grupe properties on Brecksville Road.
Plans were in place to create a culdesac and build 5 or 6 houses on the acreage.
It was to be called Fallen Timber Estates.
One day they found a book in the Ellis house.
"The Farnams"  by Bill Ellis
The previous owner had written a book about the big white house across the street.
It was filled with the history of the Farnam Estate.
The founders read of a road on the estate that was used in the Battle of Fallen Timbers in 1795!
What a coincidence that the battle and the new development had the same name!
They learned that the 20 acres they owned was  once the gardens belonging to the 3200 acre Farnam Estate across the road!
There is a pine tree on the property that grew from a seedling of one of the trees Farnam planted in the 1800's!
The founders realized this is historic land and it should be preserved instead of developed.

The focus became the mysterious manor house across the street. South east side
After being for sale for years, it had been left abandoned. The grass was 4 feet tall, and the house was deteriorating. It was heartbreaking to see this glorious structure endure such abuse. 
Something had to be done. 
The founders were compelled to find a way to remedy the catastrophe.  
The Farnam Foundation was formed to save the manor and all it's history. The story of our roots must be passed on for generations to come.

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