Farnam Foundation

2008 PICKET FENCE ART SHOW  returned to it's original home!
The art show was the first outdoor Art Show and Sale in the area back in the 1950's. For years it was held at the  Danish Smorgasbord.  The Richfield Historical Society sponsored the show after the Smorgasbord closed, and for the past 6 years it was held at the Fellowship Hall. The show was enjoyed by all 
Aug 2nd and 3rd.  Check out the pictures of the event on the Screen Door Art show page! 

Go to our "Get Involved " page for future fundraising events you won't want to miss!

Back to the story....
The place was in deplorable condition.

First we began to CLEAN.
Buckets of water were carried across the street to begin peeling the layers of filth from the walls and floors.
Eventually, after several repairs to the well, there was running water.
Next, the hot water heater was repaired. 

An old,
old newspaper article about Everett Farnam was found under  the mess in this kitchen area.
 It was like he wanted to introduce himself to the new caretakers.  

We began to RESEARCH the Squire who had  once been the inhabiter of this majestic manor house. 
We had very little knowledge of him or the fable this landmark relic represents.
We took a closer look at the book by Bill Ellis.

Snakes, raccoons, bats, birds, and lots of creepy crawly things had invaded  the ominous homestead.  
The basement had flooded causing warping of the charming cherry floors that ramble throughout the abode.  Mold and mildew filled the house.
The restoration  work that  had been done only a few years earlier is getting ruined.

We removed the wildlife .
We replaced the sump pump and removed the black mold.
 Repairs That need to be done still
There are 5 bathrooms and none were usable. 
One bathroom is now functional.

We cut the 4 ft grass and have begun maintaining the grounds.

We incorporated as a  nonprofit organization.

We have raised funds by selling antiques and collectibles at our porch sale.
We would like to offer many thanks to all who contributed.
Local businesses and organizations supported a raffle for fundraising.

Thanks go out to
Richfield Historical Society
Richfield Giant Eagle
Summit video
Constantine's Garden Center
Corkscrew Johnny's 
Village Cafe

We are currently working on a nomination for the National Registry.

More special events coming soon! Please visit our
website often for the latest updates!  Please contact us with your ideas!

We are honored to be chosen as caretakers. This is an enormous  undertaking we had never dreamed of.

As a community, we can all work together to have this  glorious gathering place that represents so much of the past, become our future.



 Church groups, clubs, students--Make the most of your visit! 
Step back in time and set a spell with your group.  This is the best way to experience the historic Home. light refreshments available.
Call 330-990-8377 or email
info@farnamfoundation.org for more info.  Schedule your group now!

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