Exploring the Grounds of Traditional Manors

An overlooked location, known as a hidden gem, may not be known to everyone; such as an overlooked neighborhood spot or even city.

Search the internet for local travel content creators – they are more likely to know of off-the-beaten-path locations! To locate hidden gems.

1. The Garden

Even though New York City may seem like an endless concrete jungle, patches of greenery can be found all across its five boroughs. From backyard herb gardens to patios adorned with flowers and vines, these hidden gems provide a refreshing respite from taxi horns honking away and the constant rush of people and traffic.

Discover tranquil gardens with NYC Parks GreenThumb and Bronx Community Board 6. Discover some of Bronx’s most stunning natural spaces while learning their history, ecology, and use as community gardens.

Expert historians present an in-depth account of British manor life: it consisted of aristocratic families dominating scores of servants on sprawling estates with 100 or more bedrooms. Financial crises, social change and war threatened its existence and caused its crumble.

Now is your opportunity to step back in time and experience a way of life that, just a century ago, was soon set to vanish forever.

2. The Pool

Traveling abroad means finding off-the-beaten-path gems that offer unique perspectives of cities like London. Here’s our list of London’s hidden treasures; these off-beat spots can show you another side to this wonderful country!

Though this pool requires a bit of an effort, the results more than make up for any inconveniences in terms of location. Situated within an idyllic park that boasts riverside views, promenading opportunities and an adorable playground, as well as its floating pool inspired by 19th-century pontoon bathhouses which once floated freely along both East and Hudson rivers until polluted waters made direct swimming unsafe – it’s an urban oasis and fun reminder of NYC history!

3. The Bar

In a city known for flashy marquees and street hawkers touting new gastronomic hotspots, some eateries thrive by maintaining exclusivity through word-of-mouth recommendations and maintaining an air of mystery. These hidden gems represent some of NYC’s culinary treasures that offer exclusiveness with mysticism.

Tucked away in an office-looking building, this dining spot welcomes all but is difficult for unknowing visitors to find. Their seasonal menu always features fresh seafood, an ample serving of vegetables, and plenty of meat – you just might miss them otherwise!

Moby, Norah Jones and David Byrne have been frequent visitors. The bar serves up sake and beers from its selection. With its central location near numerous quirky cafes and bookstores nearby, it makes this bar truly hidden gem!

4. The Restaurant

TripAdvisor recently unveiled their 2023 Best of the Best Restaurants awards, which recognize 25 under-the-radar eateries that received high marks from users. Two New England eateries made the cut: Barn Bowl & Bistro in Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard doubles up as a bowling alley while The Travelin Lobster offers seasonal seafood dining in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Spice Symphony in New York City serves Indian food at an exclusive 16-seat counter with tasting menu, while L’Appart, a Michelin-star restaurant that customizes each dining experience for its customers, are other hidden gems around the world.

Discover these hidden gems simply by asking locals. They might tell you about a bakery hidden behind a door, or a quiet bookshop hidden away somewhere tucked into a quiet corner – making your next trip even more memorable! Getting off the beaten path won’t be hard if you make sure that London remains your adventure destination!

5. The Spa

At these traditional manors, luxurious spas offer high-end products and soothing ambience, as well as offering specialty services like post-op lymphatic drainage massage, cellulite treatments and more. A spa visit here provides the ideal escape from everyday stressors of life to rejuvenate both mind and body.

Good Housekeeping editors and experts have personally evaluated each spa featured here to bring you an unrivaled spa experience. Each one provides a relaxing yet effective spa service you won’t find elsewhere.

Sea Island Spa is an undiscovered treasure – an oasis of serenity located within an iconic five-star hotel and offering unique individual treatments inspired by ancient traditions that are tailored specifically for you and tailored specifically to meet your specific needs. Enjoy this relaxing retreat on your vacation!