Step Back in Time With Stays in Historic Manors Across Europe

Experience European history first-hand at one of these historic castles! Visitors will get the chance to live out their Bridgerton dreams for either an overnight or extended stay, offering visitors an immersive Bridgerton experience.

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Abbaye de la Madeleine

Eglise Sainte-Marie-Madeleine, or more commonly referred to as the Church of Mary Magdalene, is an elegant Roman Catholic church with an internationally acclaimed organ and inspiring artwork that stands out among Paris’ other grand monuments and tourist spots.

Experience a part of history that has been preserved and is still in use – when we visited, only a handful of other people were inside making for an incredibly quiet and tranquil visit. The church itself boasts stunning neoclassical exterior with temple-like exterior details; inside you’ll find equally breathtaking interior design features.

Though the church carries with it an air of spirituality, its modern aesthetic makes it open to people of all faiths. This can be seen through its art exhibits where contemporary artists interact directly with sacred pieces displayed inside.

This elegant manor offers the ideal place to stay for those visiting France in search of relaxation or adventure. Boasting stunning gardens, neoclassical architecture and one-of-a-kind rooms, its picturesque grounds feature everything from exotic plants and flowers to sculpted trees, fountains, ponds and well-kept grounds that provide ample opportunity for exploration or relaxation.

Amberley Castle

Manors were self-contained communities where everything from farming to commerce took place. A lord would oversee all activities taking place on his estates – providing justice for his tenants, collecting taxes, defending against outside threats and maintaining all his properties properly.

Manor houses could vary in both size and style depending on when they were constructed, yet all shared one common factor – grandeur and luxury. All manors featured high ceilings, intricate woodwork details, detailed fireplaces and stained glass windows for that luxurious feeling.

Manors served not only as homes to their respective lords and families, but were also used as gathering spots for elites within their community. Events held here included banquets, hunts and parties; meals at these gatherings followed formal protocols regarding table settings, seating arrangements based on rank and topics of conversation.

Amberley Castle is an example of a historic manor. Once owned by the church until the English Reformation, it was then leased out to various tenants before finally being taken over by Parliament and sold off to cloth merchant from London named Mr Butler for a very substantial sum. During the English Civil War it became a stronghold for Royalist forces; Oliver Cromwell sent General Waller in to demolish it; this act reportedly knocked twenty feet off defensive walls while destroying Great Hall, leaving its remains behind as evidence of destruction.

Clarendon Manor Hotel

The Clarendon Hotel (also known as Clarendon House) in Quebec City, Quebec is an opulent high-end hotel located in Old Quebec and dating back to 1673; it is the oldest continuously operating hotel in Quebec City as well as being designated a national heritage site.

This guest house provides four rooms to its guests, featuring amenities like kitchenette, refrigerator, desk, flat-screen tv, electric kettle and terrace. Bathroom facilities feature showers and toilets. In addition, each of the non-smoking rooms have air conditioning.

At Howick Museum and located only 1.7 km away is this guesthouse featuring family rooms as well as an outdoor pool and barbecue facilities. Also nearby are Howick Falls and Midmar Dam, with each only being 1.9 kilometers apart from each other. Guests at this accommodation will also be able to take advantage of its barbecue facilities; Pietermararitzburg Airport lies around 30 kilometers away while staff at this guest house are always ready and willing to assist with any queries; book online to secure the best rates – booking takes just a few clicks – then receive confirmation by email that their reservation has been secured!

Lonely Planet’s England

England offers something to entice every traveler, whether that’s uncovering prehistoric and Roman history in Bath, exploring Viking remains at York or simply being caught up in London city life. England’s dense population makes it the ideal spot for visitors seeking new influences from abroad such as world-famous fashion labels like Burberry or Vivienne Westwood as well as street art venues that provide space for up-and-coming artists, writers and performers to grow.

Manor estates were complex buildings that served as centers for agriculture, commerce, industry and social activities as well as serving as residences for their lords and their families. A Lord of the Manor would control its economic aspects including collecting rent from tenants as well as assessing their labour and feudal aid obligations.

Estates were typically set on expansive grounds that may include formal gardens with fountains, parks with trees and meadows, woodlands for privacy, agricultural lands for farming activities, stable blocks housing horses and courtyards encased within walls offering seclusion.

At one time, manor house design was predominated by considerations of defence; many structures were fortified and featured crenellated roof lines. Following the end of the Hundred Years’ War in 1453, building styles began to change and less defensive features such as Sutton Place were included in building styles. Furthermore, 15th century developments saw advances in window designs that let more light enter rooms while creating visual effects similar to classical architecture.